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At Kam Meng, we pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide. We invite you to take a look at our Newport, Oregon customer testimonials After reading our testimonials about our delicious Chinese food and great customer service, you’ll see why our customers choose Kam Meng as their favorite Chinese restaurant.

If you have had a good experience with our business, please feel free to add your own testimonial as well. Thank you for visiting us today at Kam Meng.

Great place whether you are a local or not!

"Very courteous staff. The waitress convinced us to play the slots, and we won! Super friendly and quick. We just went in there to get takeout. The artwork is very beautiful. We were not locals, but they treated us like we were."

- Reviewed February 17, 2011

Best Darn Asian Food on the Central Oregon Coast

"Ok, granted we are locals and dine at Kam Meng at least once a month. That should tell you something right there! The owners are gracious and welcoming, the food is prepared with care, and the portions are always more than enough! The restaurant is always clean and the service is super! We love looking at the artwork done so beautifully by the owner. She is very talented! All the wait staff is friendly and makes sure you are taken care of at all times. You won't find a better Asian restaurant, so quit looking! Stop by Kam Meng's and try it out yourself!!! You won't be sorry!"

- Reviewed January 21, 2011

Chinese Excellence

"Out of all the Chinese restaurants I've been to in many different states, this was the best. It must have been the combination of the friendly owner, her story of coming to America, and the ambiance from the music and her artwork that made this dining experience so great. And of course the food added to the experience as well. We both received heaping portions of what we ordered: Wanton soup with chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp; and seafood soup, which was the best I have ever had. We also received a free appetizer, and as much tea as we could drink. So if you are in Newport, go to Kam Meng and enjoy the food, atmosphere, and friendly owner, for it will be a meal worth eating."

- Reviewed January 18, 2011

Our favorite Chinese restaurant on the coast

"We're locals and just love Kam Meng. The portions are large and the prices are low, especially considering the quality of the food. The chef? is especially great with meat, and the hot pot meals have all been excellent."

- Reviewed October 29, 2010

The black bean sauce is the best!

"I'd have to agree that Kam Meng is one of the best Chinese restaurants that I've been to in the US. It is genuine Hong Kong style cooking. Any seafood dish that I have had there has been incredible. The hot pots are out of this world. Nice family running the place."

- Reviewed September 9, 2010

Best Chinese Food in the U.S.

"Seriously! I can't believe the reviews that don't put Kam Meng as the best of the best in Newport, except that their 'typical Chinese' dishes are very standard 'American Chinese' fare. If you ask the owner for a recommendation, even she will admit that she cooks those to American taste... Avoid the dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, etc. Go with any of the house specialties, especially any of the hot pots (my favs are the catfish hot pot and the chicken black mushroom), or the whole rockfish dish. They are FANTASTIC! I've traveled all over China, and these are very authentic, very well prepared, and the best I've found in the States. I've moved away from Newport (lived there 6 years), and now live in Seattle where I haven't found Kam Meng's match yet. I typically won't go close to a Chinese restaurant without strongly positive reviews - I'm very picky. I hope this one helps get you to Kam Meng!"

- Reviewed April 11, 2010

The Best Chinese Restaurant on the Coast

"I love Kam Meng's Cooking. Their food is fantastic! I love their catfish tofu pot, the pumpkin beef pot, & the happy family in curry sauce. Their vegetables were fresh and crispy. They also have a great vegetarian menu, too. The Newport specialties seafood combo was excellent! it came with fried fish, fried shrimp, fried oysters and 1/2 crab for just $16... Great food and great value and great family atmosphere! Must try!"

- Reviewed February 4, 2010

Best Chinese Restaurant in the World - Really

"I get around a bit, and over the years, I've been to a lot of Chinese restaurants in a lot of places-- Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, back East, even Ireland. I'm 50 years old and mostly don't cook at home. So I know what I'm talking about here. This is the best I've ever been to. There are some things I don't even like at any other restaurant, but I like the way they make it-- like lo mein. Then there's the piece de resistance-- the hot pots, especially the one with pumpkin or squash, choice of meat, onions, generous ginger, garlic, spinach, and tiny black beans. Simply amazing. The fresh fish hot pots are excellent too?spicy green beans with chicken. We took a friend there, who was Microsoft's China specialist for several years. She had been treated to special welcoming feasts in China, but said none of it was better than Kam Meng. True story. And the people are very nice there, too."

- Reviewed September 23, 2009

Not many I'd call Excellent...

"There are not many restaurants I'd call excellent, but this is one of the few. Every single time we've been there, perhaps over 50 times literally, the service is very good, the food is very good, the portions are very good, the price is extremely good, and the restaurant is clean. This is a family run establishment with a wonderful story. The owner sells her own locally acclaimed artwork, and they are some of the nicest people you'll meet anywhere. My favorite things, though, are the incredible variety of the menu and the prices. They have several curry dishes which are really good and several dishes I've not seen in any other restaurant... The locals know where to eat, you can bet. It's very fresh food and good, healthy food, too."

- Reviewed September 4, 2009

Don't judge a book by it's cover

"Behind that bright yellow/green building is great food-- Especially the seafood hot pot and the green bean chicken. Good service. Oh, and be sure to read the story. Overall, I love this place."

-Reviewed September 4, 2009

Best Chinese food in Newport

"I am a local, and feel that this is the best place for Chinese food on the coast, way better than Lees Wok, which has a higher rating on TripAdvisor."

- Reviewed July 12, 2009

Good food and a great story

"The only reason I rate Kam Meng above average instead of excellent is the hot-and-sour soup. It was not up to the standard of everything else, which was fantastic. I was with a fairly large group and we had about a dozen dishes, mostly seafood and vegetarian. Shrimp, fresh crab, scallops, some kind of steamed fish with ginger -- they were all wonderful. I did not expect this in an ordinary-looking Chinese restaurant at the coast (the usual red vinyl, bright lights etc.)
 Along with the great food, you get, if you care to read it, the owner's personal life story and philosophy, printed on 2 menu-sized pages. It's inspiring and well worth reading, an example of what one determined immigrant can do, coming from deep poverty with a positive attitude. All this and fortune cookies, too."

- Reviewed October 20, 2008

Some of the best Chinese food ever

"Some of the best Chinese food ever. They now offer brown rice too. Favorites: spicy green bean tofu, tofu curry vegetables, spicy eggplant pot, etc. Food tastes even better in their new location north of town."

- Reviewed November 16, 2007

Excellent Chinese food on the coast

"Favorite Chinese food at the coast or in the valley. The hot and sour soup is outstanding. The menu offers seafood specials and good, familiar Chinese food. We go often."

- Reviewed November 8, 2007

My first Chinese restaurant

"I am new to the Newport area and Kam Meng was my first Chinese restaurant that I ate here.

I ordered the happy family dish and it was really good. It was on a sizzling plate, which I think is pretty cool (I like to get dishes served on the sizzling plates). The sauce was very good which I chose black bean sauce, one of my favorites. 

The service was great, the waitress was very kind to all customers and it was a very good experience. I'll be going there again while I'm still at Newport."

Allan C.
- Reviewed March 27, 2011

Vegetarian Special

"Very good vegetarian special and a nice and friendly staff."

Ben J.
- Reviewed April 9, 2011

Great Seafood!!!

"If you order the combo plate... you should hang your head in shame (not that it won't be fine but)... This place has the best Chinese food on the coast and the best Seafood on the coast. Seriously their seafood is up there with 'Black Fish' and 'The Bay House'. "

- Reviewed April 18, 2011

Family Friendly

"Best chinese around. Owner/server is a wonderful, fun, & friendly woman. Very family friendly."

- Reviewed May 24, 2011

Great, Good, Amazing!

"Great story, good people, and amazing service."

Mike Brittingham
-Reviewed July 16, 2011

Great find on the 101!

"We were looking for a local seafood (not fried) restaurant ending our fun family day on the coast. We found the perfect spot. The place is quiet and very family friendly...the food is healthy, fresh and fantastic. We enjoyed a delightful white fish cooked in a clay pot with spinach. It was perfectly moist and flavorful with a touch of fresh ginger. It was served with brown rice. We also enjoyed papa's special which was a spicy-chinese seasoned stir fry full of several kinds of fish, and seafood. It too was served with brown rice. Finally the kung pao chicken was full of flavor and fresh veggies. The appetizers were good, the chicken and beef skewers with a touch of hoision sauce were amazing and perfect. the soup was good as well. We have found a new favorite in Newport...a quaint little find on 101."

Daleasha Ann Ritter-Hall
- Reviewed October 2, 2011

Gluten Free, Celiac sensitive, quality, fresh food

"This was a real treat for me as I am amongst the celiac gluten intolerant group. The owner has a son that is celiac and therefore, even the soy sauce that is in the restaurant is gluten free. The vegetables, sea food and beef that were used in my dish were very fresh and the whole dish was delightful. It was nice to not have to worry about cross contamination issues since there was a real understanding of the gluten free dietary restrictions. This was a breath of fresh air for me since being diagnosed 4 years ago and living the gluten free diet, I had yet to find a Chinese restaurant that understood. Now I've found one. I will return."

- Reviewed on November 4, 2011

When we want Chinese we go to Kam Mengs

"They have the best chinese food on the coast, the best in Newport. Most affordable compared to the others and the portions are way plenty for big eaters. Its a family owned business that use to be on the bay front, now they are across the highway from the ocean. We've lived here for nine years have chosen them out of all the rest here and have never been dis-satisfied with anything. I would not hesitate to reccomend them over 'anywhere' else in town. They are fast and have great service but most of all the food in delicious and healthy. Her story and her art work is inspiring."

Pamela C.
- Reviewed December 17, 2011

Service is super, the food is prepared with love and care

"The waitress was very friendly. I told her that I have food allergy. She was very understanding and taking time to help me with my order. I am vegan. I cannot eat MSG. I have problems with egg and wheat. I ordered a Huiya special pumpkin pot with tofu. It was out of this world. The food was prepared with love and care. I am picky, but i love this place. I will return."

Mary Love
- Reviewed December 22, 2011

"I have eaten there many times. The food has always been good. The people/owners are very nice. There is always a smile. I love it."

Steve Vogel
- Reviewed December 24, 2011

Best Chinese on the west coast

"I have been coming to Kam Meng since they were on the waterfront in Newport (about 10 years). This is a sweet, family-run restaurant. Mom, Dad and kids (who are often in the restaurant), a few employees sometimes (peak season, maybe?), but they keep it very simple. The shining star of Kam Meng, though, is definitely the food. You can go more authentic or more "American Chinese" and both are equally mind blowing. The kung pao is out of this world, the sweet and sour is absolutely perfect (and not bright red), the clay pots are absolutely mind boggling (the beef with pumpkin is my new favorite), their seafood is absolutely fresh and I know they are as particular about those things as I am. The hot and sour soup is perfect. My only wish is that they were closer to Portland so I could go more often (even though I live in California!)."

- Reviewed December 28, 2011

"You wouldn't think it from looking at the yellow and green warehouse that houses this Chinese restaurant on 101, but it is in my opinion among the best cooking you can get in this genre on the coast, and I don't just mean the Oregon coast. This food would attract lines out the door for three times the price in San Francisco or London, and here, we fed eleven of us and carried a ton of food home for just over $10 per head, with appetizers and drinks to boot."

Sanjay G.
- Reviewed December 29, 2011

"I have been coming to Kam Meng regularly since I moved here two years ago. The food is wonderful. The eggflower soup is thick and is the best I've ever had. We love talking with Huiya everytime we go there to eat. She is always warm and friendly. Take a moment to read her story, which is on a laminated sheet on every table. She is quite an artist. The food is consistently good. Other places we've eaten at have been hit and miss. You won't be disappointed with the food and atmosphere at this wonderful little restaurant!"

Chris F.
- Reviewed December 30, 2011

Excellent Food

"We have been going to Kam Meng's since we moved back to the area 2 years ago. It is a family owned business and the owner, Huiya, treats every customer like family. She asks about our children and tells us about hers. My husband always orders the same thing and she always remembers what he wants! They have a section with toys for the kids which keeps them entertained. The food is wonderful and the portions are huge. I always give my husband at least half of mine because it is too much for me to eat! I would recommend Kam Meng's to anyone, local or tourist."

- Reviewed December 21, 2011

"We have been eating at Kam Meng's for years. It is consistently good food. Fresh ingredients with lots of flavors! We will be back!"

Regular Customer

"Close friends brought us to this amazing restaurant last year. They have been enjoying this incredible food for many years in Newport. We came back last week with another friend and she was totally impressed. The service nice, the food is so worth waiting for. This is our favorite place when we are in Newport... The owner a Watercolor artist, has beautiful prints for sale. Stop by for a GREAT Chinese Meal!!!"

Oregon City, OR

"Best Chinese restaurant on the west coast. When we eat out Chinese in Newport, Oregon Kam Meng is where we go"

Terry & Eileen
Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Good Eating

"Had the Pumpkin Hot Pot with tofu. Full of vegetables in a delicate yet spicy broth with ginger and five-spice(anise). Saved half of the generous portion for leftovers. I don't understand how the vegetables kept their individual flavors and textures, but they did. The best Veg dish I have ever had. The restaurant is casual, clean, and interesting. I have never met a more engaging host than Hyieh Chen. I wish I lived closer."

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